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Critical Kitchen under the Sister City Partnership Program Dar es Salaam – Hamburg


Partner: MitOst Hamburg, Germany; INTERRA, Russia

Funded by: City of Hamburg and Bingo

“Critical kitchen” is a trilateral youth exchange project with INTERRA from Krasnojarsk in Russia, MitOst Hamburg in Germany, and Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The motto of this three years project (2016-2018) is “The real party takes place in the kitchen!” There you do not only cook and enjoy the food, but also you intensively and passionately discussed about world politics.

The opening of the critical kitchen takes place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in August 2016. 36 young people from the Siberian Krasnoyarsk, the Tanzanian Dar es Salaam and mainly the metropolitan region Hamburg live this principle three weeks, travel with their mobile kitchen through Tanzania, they camp at different places in the country and ask people to join at the table for discussion and dialogue. Together they dare a journey of discovery and look beyond the box.

What exactly do I eat every day? What is the path of the coffee that brings me to life in the morning? Is my food ecologically and sustainably cultivated? Does the food come from my region? In addition, is not that the luxury and the privilege of being able to pay attention to it? What is it like in other parts of the world? What is the consequence of the fact that the harvest yields of maize and wheat are continuously reduced? What are the global contexts of nutrition?

2017 participants from Russia, Germany and Tanzania look at the whole from a new angle of view. They are based on experiences from Tanzania and learn about other ways of thinking and living. To meet the requirements of “trilateral exchange”, the project will continue in summer of 2018 in Krasnoyarsk.

More about MitOst Hamburg: http://www.mitost-hamburg.de/startseite/
More about INTERRA: https://interrasibir.com/