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Movement for Change Realizing Sustainable Development

We believe that an empowered youth is capable of creating a huge impact and implementing sustainable development for a bright future. We advocate for the rights of young people aged 15 to 35 years by achieving our main goals of capacity building and creating awareness.

Welcome to Tanzania Youth Coalition

Tanzania Youth Coalition

group of young people

Founded by young people in 2002, TYC is a non-government organization that focuses on youth empowerment. We are happy to know that you are among the many individuals who are advocating the rights of the youth. Please check out our entire website to know more about how you can help.

Our Mission Statement

To build capacity, engage and sensitize youth on sustainable development, and ensure that the voice of youth is heard across decision-making platforms.


Become a Volunteer

We appreciate the time and effort you are willing to spare to help the youth. [ Click Here ]

How you can partner with TYC

Help us empower the youth by showing your support in promoting our advocacy. [ Click Here ]


The youth holds the key to our future. We help them develop skills to become future leaders in their endeavors. We focus on the following:

Our Values

Tanzania Youth Coalition aims to uphold the dignity of our youth by raising awareness and advocating for their rights. As such, we consistently adhere to our core values: Volunteerism, Reliability, and Empowerment, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Participation, Human rights and justice, Leadership, Diversity

Our Partners