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Future Spaces

Tanzanian teamer (Amour Abuu) representing presences from Tanzania to expert during the study visit at Community cars sharing project at Hamburg

Participants visited HWM Waste Management Factory in Hamburg to learn how waste can be recycled for renewable energy generation.

Participants making presentation about the importance of public open spaces for the future generation

The participants during workshop concerning recycling

Participants visited Urban farming center in Berlin (ECF Farm Berlin)

Participants listening to an expert on alternative transport technology and the community cars sharing project at Hamburg.

Participants of the Future Spaces Project


Future Spaces is a program that gave an opportunity to young people from Tanzania, Germany and Russia to learn different issues of environmental spaces and its sustainability, technology spaces and its future implication especially on how it shapes the lifestyles and most important cultural aspects like the cultural dynamic spaces of any society towards modernity and cultural sustainability.

 A trilateral youth exchange program officially began in mid-August 2019, its first phase being in Germany. It brought together passionate youth from three different, yet well-connected countries with excitement and the urge to shape the future through learning and contributing their diverse ideas, opinions and thoughts to the program with the themes; Environment, Technology, and Society.