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Our Values

Volunteerism, Reliability, and Empowerment

With our utmost passion and dedication to paving the way for the youth to be heard, we maintain a wide network of resources to provide access to the youth, in terms of food, education, and health care. Tanzania Youth Coalition aims to uphold the dignity of our youth by raising awareness and advocating for their rights. As such, we consistently adhere to our core values: Volunteerism, Reliability, and Empowerment.

A group of ten people founded TYC in 2002. Since then, the organization has attracted hundreds of volunteers and has expanded drastically. And we intend to expand further with your help and other individuals who can offer their hands genuinely.

For almost two decades, we have offered a consoling hand to the youth. We aspire to continue to be a reliable shoulder to lean on. We pledge to continue to be someone the youth can hold onto whenever they need help.

As long as we see a group of young individuals deprived of their fundamental rights, we will never get tired of extending our hands to them. One youth at a time, we hope to see a community and a world filled with empowered youth full of dreams and ambitions.

Tanzania Youth Coalition was built on the foundation of these core values. If you’re interested in being part of what we do, be a volunteer now.