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Our Values

Volunteerism, Reliability, and Empowerment

With our utmost passion and dedication to paving the way for the youth to be heard, we maintain a wide network of resources to provide access to the youth, in terms of food, education, and health care. Tanzania Youth Coalition aims to uphold the dignity of our youth by raising awareness and advocating for their rights. As such, we consistently adhere to our core values: Volunteerism, Reliability, and Empowerment.

A group of ten people founded TYC in 2002. Since then, the organization has attracted hundreds of volunteers and has expanded drastically. And we intend to expand further with your help and other individuals who can offer their hands genuinely.

For almost two decades, we have offered a consoling hand to the youth. We aspire to continue to be a reliable shoulder to lean on. We pledge to continue to be someone the youth can hold onto whenever they need help.

As long as we see a group of young individuals deprived of their fundamental rights, we will never get tired of extending our hands to them. One youth at a time, we hope to see a community and a world filled with empowered youth full of dreams and ambitions.


TYC to be a reputable, respectable, trustworthy and credible organization.


We are accountable to our youth, like-minded organization members, society, government and development partners.


TYC values openness, sharing of information with her members and other stakeholders, open to constructive criticism and conducts it activities in an open manner.


TYC values working in solidarity, networking and alliance building like-minded organization, institutions and individuals. Therefore, TYC recognizes the benefits that accrue to our member institutions on disability, our staff and our distinct user groups when we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.


TYC is committed to youth participation in decisions that affects their lives. This entails members and stakeholders’ participation in the identification, decision-making, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its activities and program.


To achieve excellence, efficiency and effectiveness of it programmes, plans and activities TYC works in accordance with the agreed set of standards, guidelines and the general NGOs Codes of Conduct.

Team spirit

Working in support of each other is an important element for TYC members, employees and associates.

Human rights and justice

TYC believes in impartiality, non-discrimination and fairness.

Human development

TYC is committed to the holistic approach to development, which ensures sustainability and self-determination of the human.

Gender equality and equity

Genuine development is achieved by each person being given same opportunity and being treated fairly, age, creed, religion and justly regardless of sex and socio-economic status. Given its historical background, TYC places special emphasis to gender equality and equity in election of its leaders, staffing, administrative works and program activities.


TYC strives to be on the leading edge of resource sharing and collaboration between and among youth in Tanzania.


TYC is a nimble, flexible and dynamic organization, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of youth and the shifting landscape of technology to support them.


TYC members include youth both at regional and national geography, who serve a diverse population including children, students and the public as well as those who defend the rights and entitlements of youth. To this end TYC recognizes its members, have diverse missions, disparate resources and distinct needs. Therefore, decisions undertaken on behalf of the organization are made with the greatest respect and support of these differences among members at individual and up to national level.

Education & Talents

TYC uses and values the robust knowledge and talents of members including ideas both among and between our own constituents and with those outside of the organization with whom we may consult for support.

Reliability, Trust, availability and credibility

The probability that a product, system, or service will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period of time, or will operate in a defined environment without failure.


We take empowerment to mean the process of making youth to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.


In the TYC sense of integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Team work

In TYC teamwork is perceived to be the ability to work with others and to help others attain their full potential and achieve the shared goals


We take respect to mean due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others

Tanzania Youth Coalition was built on the foundation of these core values. If you’re interested in being part of what we do, be a volunteer now.