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Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) in collaboration with  Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (LKJ)  offers the unique opportunity for Tanzania Youth to participate Volunteering program for one year from September 2020 until August 2021.

For one year, the volunteer gets to work at our office in Stuttgart and to be part of the department for media and cultural education.

The volunteer’s tasks mainly revolve around planning and organizing various projects and events as well as documenting them visually (photography and video).

The LKJ Baden-Württemberg offers programs for students aged from 14 to 18 years where they can become junior mentors and experts in the field of culture and interculture. It also provides creative projects for schools and also organizes events like the “SchülerRadioTag”, a day where students can learn all about radio. Additionally, the LKJ holds conferences and training courses for adults working in the field of cultural education. At the moment it is extending the international work with young adults.

The volunteer will be able to gain insight into day to day work at the office and into the basics of cultural education for young adults. Tasks and fields of work could include:

  • Organizing events
  • Presenting small segments at such events (such as introducing and explaining games or tasks to participants, making a small presentation about an aspect of cultural education, etc.)
  • Preparing the space where an event takes place and rearranging its original state afterwards
  • Learning about the basics of event organization and administration
  • Independence and responsibility while working
  • Taking pictures and videos/gaining skills in the field of documentation
  • Being responsible for the technical equipment of the LKJ

As we mainly work with young people, we consider hosting a volunteer a huge enrichment of our work [due to the perspective they can share]. Our volunteers will in return have the chance to try new things, to share their opinions and experiences and to gain insight into the field of cultural education.

Working place:The LKJ

The Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (LKJ) Baden-Wuerttemberg implements programmes and projects for cultural and media-supported youth education. It is a state-wide umbrella organisation and represents the interest of cultural educational work with children and youths in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The LKJ Baden-Wuerttemberg was founded in 1980 and is an amalgamation of 27 state-wide organisations, work groups and initiatives from the fields of cultural educational work with children and youths. The activities range from theatre, dancing, music, circus, and literature to the creative use of media. As the umbrella organisation, the LKJ assumes the representation of interests for the cultural education of children and youths in the overall field of youth care and assumes representation of interests towards publicity, politics and administration in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The LKJ itself offers creative cultural and media education projects through numerous projects for students in Baden-Wuerttemberg such as radio projects at schools, programming, making, filming or stop motion. By taking part in media projects, youths increase their media skills and try out being producers of audio or video clips. As “school mentors for cultural youth education”, they initiate more cultural education in their schools. Students who learn to be creative and voice their ideas, learn not only creative and media-focused content, but also more about their own strengths, working in a team and thus increasing their self-confidence.

Hard facts on volunteering at LKJ

  • 12 months voluntary service
  • Full time employment (39,5 h/ week) from Mon- Fri
  • 30 days of holidays/year.
  • 25 days of seminars and workshops with other volunteers throughout the year
  • 400.-€ monthly allowance
  • German training course
  • Every volunteer is to create an individual project that can be realized within the time of her*his stay in Germany
  • The volunteer has to be younger than 25 when he*she starts the service

The LKJ cannot offer accommodation but will support volunteer from Tanzania to find a place to stay.

The volunteer should be fluent in English, knowledge of German is not necessary at the beginning, but we expect that the volunteer is willing to learn German.

We support the Visa process as far as possible.

For more information also check: www.lkjbw.de