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Procurement Process: RFP – Request for proposal
Deadline: 15- Nov-18
Posted on: 2-Nov-18
Reference Number: #003
Documents: Call for proposal

Tanzania Youth Coalition is looking for two resource/experts from different backgrounds for moderation/facilitation and documentation/rapporteur during the CSOs forum organized by Tanzania Youth Coalition. The two experts must be competent in intercultural issues and sustainable partnerships, global learning/civic education facilitating, youth mobilization skills, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and must be knowledgeable about how to facilitate events, which involve different civil societies from diverse background. The two resource personnel will be solely responsible in facilitation of different sessions and documentation during the CSOs forum organized by TYC in the framework of the African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI).


In regard of the above-mentioned TYC would therefore like to herewith kindly invite you to send your offer, considering following conditions. If you would like to issue a bid, please use the enclosed Proposal Form. For more information on Tanzania Youth Coalition please visit www.tzyc.org


Application / Bidding process

Questions regarding the bidding process and the tender documents can only be answered when sent until


the 15th of November to the following email addresses erick.crispin@tzyc.org and (in cc) info.tzyc.org.


Please send your offer, using the proposal form accompanied by supporting documents, before 15th November 2018 at 2 pm, to the above-mentioned email addresses. Alternatively, applications can be sent in a sealed envelope by postal mail, or be handed in directly to the reception. It should state “do not open: CSOs Forum facilitation bid in Dodoma” and be addressed as follows:

Tanzania Youth Coalition, house no.127 Block 45C Kijitonyama, Akachube road P.O. Box34612

,Lenin Kazoba– TYC Director/ Erick Crispin Nyoni – TYC Project coordinator, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Bids that reach us after this date will not be considered as part of the procurement process. You can correct, modify, or withdraw your bid until the tender period has elapsed. No remuneration is provided for processing the bid. Acceptance takes place based on the acceptance criteria stated below and will be communicated to the successful bidders on 20th November 2018 at the latest. Until then, your bid is binding. The General Terms of Contract for Tanzania Youth Coalition apply.



TYC, AGYI and CSOs forum and the procurement process at hand.

Tanzania Youth Coalition is a consortium/union of more than 120 youth Non-governmental, Community based organizations and hundreds of youth individuals countrywide, which works towards building the capacity and raising awareness of young people on Sustainable Development and related subjects such as Poverty Eradication, Environment, health-HIV/AIDS and Peace. Furthermore, it ensures the voice of a young person is heard at all policy platforms, national and international levels.


The African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI) is a multi-lateral initiative of the German Government and the African Union Commission aimed at enhancing youth exchange and mobility between African countries and Germany in the context of education for sustainable development. The intention is to contribute to the development of essential competencies and skills in young people from African countries and from Germany in view of a ´global citizenship´. It also aims at fostering a differentiated image of African countries on the German side, and Germany on the African side


CSOs Forum in the framework of African German Youth Initiative (AGYI) is an information sharing symposium of best practices in the fields of exchange programs, volunteer works, internships and apprenticeship from different organizations which can offer a practical insight from their works and draw best practices and lessons for youth skills development.


This forum will involve a presentation of Mapping findings, which was conducted by TYC in 12 regions of Tanzania to identify both sending and receiving organizations of exchange programs between Tanzania and Germany. This Forum will offer opportunities to the CSOs, government Institutions and other NGOs to validate TYC-Mapping report, network and share experiences in the field of international youth exchange programs, volunteer services and youth development programs.


We are looking for two resource/individuals to facilitate different sessions of the CSOs forum for different stakeholders and CSOs of exchange program and skills development and youth development initiative in Tanzania on global and sustainable development issues, youth empowerments initiatives and learning/civic education as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The facilitators will also be asked to punctually give thematic input, moderate the majority of sessions and should follow-up on the task by submitting a first draft report. The working languages are both Kiswahili and English.


Moderator’s/Facilitator’s tasks in detail

Ø  Conceptually preparing and facilitating of CSOs forum action-based, peer-to-peer workshop sessions, bringing in your expertise on the methodology and didactics of education for sustainable development and working with CSOs;


Ø  Accompanying the groups to break away sessions, guide them to the green room and other activities that discover different potentials from CSOs forum from both sides and create a platform for sustainable networking and partnerships among the civil societies in Tanzania.


Ø  (Co-) moderating workshop sessions as well as other discussion, reflection and feedback formats;


Ø  Integration of lessons-learnt, conversations and experiences during the CSOs forum in subsequent sessions, based on the existing concept and the overall objectives of the undertaking;


Ø  Rapporteur should be able to capturing what has been shared, discussed or agreed upon by the CSOs and other invited stakeholders.


Ø  The report and documentation exercise should have the CSO’s Forum overall expected outcome in mind, i.e. To share experience and best practices and lessons of youth exchange programs, internships, apprenticeship and volunteer services facilitated by different CSOs in Tanzania for skills development.



Time frame and remuneration

The detailed concept notes and programs will be shared during the briefing and preparation period beforehand the CSOs forum.


Generally, availability is expected for briefing and preparation in consultation with Tanzania Youth Coalition staff prior to the CSO’s forum and during the forum on the 28th to 29th November 2018.


A total of 5 working days (eight hours each) are applied to provide the service. The remuneration is based on the performance of the contractual services and invoicing.


Proof of suitability and selection criteria

Please provide evidence how you fulfill the suitability and selection criteria by submitting your curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages) and a letter of motivation (max. 2 pages) as well as through selected references. Also, several samples of your previous works such as reports for rapporteur and references for moderator


Proof of suitability

Tenderers who are unable to demonstrate their suitability in performing the services in question based on the stated criteria will not be considered further as part of the procurement process.


1.  Written and spoken English and Kiswahili skills

2.  Confirmation of availability for the above-mentioned dates

3.  Academic background in pedagogy or social sciences or similar/related fields and experience in moderation and facilitations.

4.  Previous work experience in facilitating CSOs forum (or similar educational formats) in the context of Education for Sustainable Development (please submit at least three references that are not older than one years)

5.  All payments will be done through wire transfer to the bank account of the tenderer and will be made accordingly to the contract.


Technical Specification and Qualification

Selection criteria/Eligibility


1.       Experience in moderation and facilitation for the facilitator/moderator and outstanding writing skills for the rapporteur and knowledge of the practice of Networking for CSOs and being able to integrate youth exchange programs and skills development for the empowerment of youths through Global Learning/Civic Education in transnational youth exchange and/or volunteer services (20 %): you should know and identify with the aims and content of AGYI. It will be an asset if you have been already involved as a group facilitator in the field of Global Learning/Civic Education, business development and change making initiatives especially in the context of youth exchanges and/or volunteer services and have been involved in the discourse on quality criteria and reciprocity.


2.  Experience in leading teams and groups and in designing seminar or workshop didactics and participatory methods (20 %): You should have experience in leading groups, enable larger groups to conduct team work, bring skills in conflict management and be able to facilitate group learning processes. Moreover, you should have knowledge in designing the educational structures of seminar or workshop sessions.


3.  Previous professional experience within Tanzania Youth Coalition cooperation is an asset (10%).


4.                   Bid price / daily rate (50 %)




We are looking forward to receive your bid by 15st of November 2018. (2 pm)!


Best regards




TYC Coordination team