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In order to be considered to apply for the youth camp you must fulfill all of the following criteria:


  1. Be aged 18 up to 26 years.
  2. Must be a citizen from East African countries (Tanzania,  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi)
  3. Be curious, open – minded, appreciate diversity and willing to learn from others initiatives.
  4. Preferably be involved in organization or network, institutions, formal or informal group as a multiplier of one of SDGs or a change maker in a society.
  5. Posses a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions, a commitment to personal and community development and continue the engagement with other participants beyond the youth camp.
  6. Be motivated to learn and to apply the values and approaches for being a change maker in a society.
  7. Be involved in youth or community projects in their community and motivated to implement youth initiatives for SDGs
  8. Alumni of different youth exchanges particular those between Germany and African countries and have impacted their local communities upon returning from an exchange or volunteer program are strongly encouraged to apply.
  9. They should be highly motivated, innovative, creative and independent thinkers with a pan-Africanism spirit. Knowledge of Agenda 2063 is an asset.
  10. They should be change makers with different actions that have great impact not only in their societies but potential to influence at the global level.
  11. Should be willing to live a camp-life and be a team player.
  12. Must be fluent in English but ready to add towards diversity through a local language (There will be no translation services).
  13. Should be available and be able to travel to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania during the youth camp time from the 16thto 20th July 2018.
  14. He/She should be able to share online links about his/her initiatives if needed for proof.



Online coaching program by Tanzania Youth Coalition: peer to peer sessions: Expert’s inputs and discussion on sustainable development and youth change making: pitching sessions: field visit to the headquarter of East African community in Arusha:


Cost& Expenses

All costs are covered by the organizers (TYC) of the pan African youth camp in the framework of the African German Youth Initiative. This include transportation to and from the venue, meals and accommodation as well as materials for facilitation. There will be no allowances provided to the participants.

submit your application by sending your CV and motivation letter to erick.crispin@tzyc.org and copy info@tzyc.org